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Eks. 1: AI

You have written some texts with AI but are not entirely satisfied. It needs to be more varied, and there's a lack of something new you've invented. The text is actually intended for a blog on the internet, so there is an SEO requirement for specific keywords. If we don't make corrections, we need to produce an entirely new text.


Eks. 2: Digitalization

As a small business, there's still not much coherence in data and paper processes. Everything needs to be set up to run digitally. The company needs to be strengthened with websites and social media presence. The workflows that can be automated should be. Many are not aware of how much can be optimized, for example, in meeting minutes.


Eks. 3: Documentation

A company has a lot of product documentation. It needs to be scanned, categorized, and stored in databases. Terminology should be extracted from documents. We create uniform texts and update product descriptions on websites. New products are translated promptly.


Eks. 4: Be strong linguistically

You have a small restaurant but also sell to companies and events. You send out menus for changes, photos of signs, newsletters, ingredient lists for translation, staff letters, and updates to website texts. We proofread, correct wording, optimize web texts for SEO, and use and maintain your list of terminology. Subscription service. possible.

Working as a consultant

I am happy to work as a consultant and advisor/instructor within my areas of expertise. This can be done on an hourly basis or at an agreed-upon price. I have a personal freelancer company and invoice accordingly. My areas are diverse and range from linguistic advice and AI to advanced IT support. They all have a digital aspect. And what I am not an expert in, I familiarize myself with. I am occasionally used in linguistic contexts for quality control, but also as a text writer and in document management. There is an abundance of errors and poor texts on the internet and elsewhere. And customers disengage. Get a quality stamp on linguistic communication. The one who doesn't care is never happy!

Areas of consultancies for nenolink / Henrik Nielsen

Digitizing and companies

Digitizing small businesses can begin with the development of ideas and workflows. AI and automation can streamline processes and create value, not only through support, procurement, and implementation but also with software and other tools that can benefit the business. All with security in mind and inspiration for creating change. While some changes are imposed from the outside, this one comes from within. Some choose to forgo their web communication in favor of social media, but it's a bad idea as the entirety of the digital environment matters. Therefore, web-based technologies can also be part of the digital universe, just as IoT can be.

Language, texts, documentation

Your language consultant is not only engaged in translation/localization but also actively involved in handling various text-related tasks. This includes proofreading, quality assurance, SEO optimization, web adaptation, brochures, newsletters, and press releases. As a content writer for web content, newsletters, articles, and blogs, continuous text production is part of the service. Texts are regularly submitted for quality assurance and proofreading before publication. This service covers a wide range of materials such as signs, menus, teaching and presentation materials, newsletters, and more. It is available through a subscription. AI can be employed, or AI-generated material can be detected and post-processed. Further details can be found under additional menus. Additionally, there is the management of documentation in databases or the creation of terminology lists tailored to your business

Translation, texts and AI

What makes the field of language and technology so exciting is that AI is gaining more and more ground. Text generation can occur in many ways. Sometimes, one can generate something that looks correct at first sight. However, there are many reasons to pass it through a consultant. An extended check is necessary. AI typically reflects only what already exists on the internet. And in many cases, it needs to be reviewed from a human perspective. Otherwise, it risks becoming relatively dull to read and triggering the AI detector. We perform fact-checking (where nonsense can sometimes arise), vary the text, add news sections, which contribute value compared to online content. The text is SEO optimezed with keywords and other elements for the web. Your article, blog, sales material, newsletter, and documents thus gain greater impact and value.

Experience and ideas

Henrik has a background in university education (language and linguistics) but has spent most of his life working in IT and technology, with a detour into health and tourism. He has also worked internationally and has a global perspective. In his current company, Nenolink, for the past 10 years, he often combines language/content and technology. He has specialized in application support and can handle various tasks. Henrik also works on creating and designing websites and managing web pages. For instance, he has undertaken significant work in tourism, including web-related tasks and translations. In this field, cultural sensitivity is crucial, as different countries and languages emphasize different aspects on their websites. Henrik is comfortable working with international, multilingual, and multicultural topics.